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Just after two years, South African’s free-to-air television station, e.tv will once again host live SA Lotto draws with effect from Saturday 2 April 2011. The SA national lottery Operator Gidani spokesperson Thembi Tulwana said the PowerBall draws would however continue to be broadcast by the SABC for now. Tulwana explained the move to e.tv was purely for commercial reasons. They lost the previlege to host the lucrative game draws in March 2009.
Monde Twala, Group Head: e.tv Channels Division said: “We are excited to welcome the live South African Lotto draw back on our channel. Internationally, it is uncommon that an independent television channel is given the honour to broadcast national lottery draws. This is testimony that e.tv has established itself as a household name across the country.”
The LOTTO draws would still be conducted live at 9:30pm on Wednesdays and Saturday evenings concluded Tulwana.

Lotto funds not distributed to it’s fullest…

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A former board member of charity organisations is taking on the National Lotteries Board (NLB). “It’s a crime,” Ralph Freese said in an open letter originally published on Facebook, that the funds collected by the lottery were not being distributed adequately. Last year, the annual report of the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) showed that R4.2 billion was available for distribution. Of this, only R3.4bn was spent. In 2009, R3.3bn was available but only R1.4bn was spent, Freese said in the letter, republished as an advertisement in the Sunday Times.

The letter is addressed to Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies. Freese said he believed the NLDTF was not being run properly, all its money was not being distributed and that NGOs were suffering because of this. The letter begins: “I am deeply concerned – or more accurately, sick, tired and angry – about the future of the NLDTF and NLB to live up to their mandate. Multiple organisations, vital to the social fabric of South Africa, have been weakened, or suffered complete collapse.” “It would be simplistic to blame management and staff for all the weaknesses – though inordinate delays and lost documents make this tempting, and many people do…” the letter continues.

Freese, who lives in Cape Town, told The Star that needy organisations were getting less and less money from international sources and were forced to rely on lottery funds to keep them going. He explained that he was on the board of several NGOs, but had now resigned in order to write this public letter. “The Lotto has become crudely and crassly inefficient and downright malicious in some cases,” said Freese. “I worked for an organisation (which he did not want to name in case their funding was compromised by his letter) which does brilliant work. But we waited for two years for our application to get a response. We kept on nagging until we were told that if we kept on calling we would be put at the bottom of the pile and could wait another year.” In the meanwhile, Freese said he was personally funding the charity and was threatening closure. He found this hard to accept when the lottery fund was not spending its full allotment each year. Freese decided to spend thousands of rand placing the advert after he had written to the minister, but received no response. He is planning to send the letter to various websites and at least 5 000 e-mail addresses this week.

On the letter’s Facebook page (open letter) Freese asks people to relate their own experiences of trying to get funding through the national lottery. “The letter was aimed at getting two things. The first is to get the minister’s attention so that this can be sorted out, the second is to compile people’s experiences.” Freese said that in one day, 20 people had contacted him, but said many were scared to post messages on Facebook in case their funding was compromised. Jean Allan, a Facebook user, commented: “Organisations are afraid to complain in case they are victimised. It is now 16 months since one organisation submitted their December 2009 application, no response received.” The letter has been noted by the Department of Trade and Industry. Spokesman Clement Manoko said he planned to e-mail Freese this week and set up a meeting with him and the NLB to discover what the issues were. NLB spokesman Sershan Naidoo said the board was running efficiently and every request for funding was responded to. He said the board received about 7 000 applications each year. The majority were declined as they did not meet requirements. He said any money not used in a financial year went into a trust account administered by the board, which had donated R15bn to charity, the arts and sports organisations over the years. - The Star

Ghana private lotto operators protest

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Private lotto operators in the country have taken their grudge against the National Lottery Authority (NLA) to the Presidency and accused the NLA of trying to render them jobless.

Twenty-six national and regional executives of the National Lotto Receivers Union (NLRU) who signed an 11-point resolution on behalf of their 8,000 members gave a litany of allegations against the NLA and called for the removal of the Director-General of the Authority and his two Deputies.

The 11-point resolution accused the NLA leadership of a deliberate attempt to make members of the union irrelevant and jobless by creating a distribution line which was parallel to what the private operators were doing.

It said the management of the NLA had indicated that intention by “their indecent rush to recruit 10,000 more people and equip them with new portable mobile terminals to be used to conduct door-to-door sales of lotto tickets”.

Led by its National Chairman, Mr Dan Mensah, the NLRU called on the government to, as a matter of urgency, replace the Director General of the NLA and his two deputies, “else, we shall take steps to advise ourselves”.

The resolution, which was the outcome of a meeting held on January 12, 2011 was addressed to President J.E.A. Mills and copied to the Speaker of Parliament, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Finance, the Board Chairman of the NLA, the Director General of the NLA, the Chairman of the National Labour Commission (NLC) and some media houses.

The union disagreed with measures being taken by the authority to “dilute” the income of lotto receivers by a proposal to reduce lotto commission from 25 to 20 or 15 per cent.

It argued that comparing what pertained here to commission payable to lottery ticket sellers in Europe and elsewhere was wrong and misleading, since in those areas lottery tickets were sold in shops, at filling stations, in supermarkets and similar places where the operators had their core business and, therefore, lottery sales were on the peripheral point of their businesses.

“In Ghana, lotto receivers sell lotto as their main occupation,” it stressed.

It also called for investigations into the importation of the 10,000 small portable mobile machines at a cost of €8 million.

“It beats our imagination why samples of the small mobile machines were not imported for testing before making the bulk purchase,” the union pointed out.

It also challenged the management of the NLA to reduce its expenditure, instead of reducing lotto sales commission, and added that the government should take steps to dissolve the board of the NLA for it to be reconstituted to include former directors of the NLA who had better understanding of the lotto business.

As part of its demands, the members of the union want to be recognised as individual retailers/operators and not to be forced to operate as marketing companies.

They also indicated that all imported machines should first and foremost be allocated to existing lotto receivers before consideration was given to new entrants.

The union said it represented 8,000 lotto receivers all over Ghana who constituted the core and bulk sales force of the NLA, adding that it had been pre-financing NLA operations by more than GH¢35,OOO per week.

“We have over the years assisted the NLA to mobilise substantial amounts of revenue to support economic endeavours of successive governments …. We are expressing serious concern over the contemptuous style and attitude towards lotto receivers ever since the National Lotto Act of 2006 was passed,” it stated.

Source: Daily Graphic

Big lotteries on the same platform…

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South Africans and other individuals from different countries, from Tuesday the 9th of November 2010, they will be able to play big lotteries like UK lotto, Euromillions and SA powerball on one platform. Our sister site lottonets.com will be celebrating their birthday in style. Now you can play different lotteries online using one site, this will save time to most online lotto players since most they had to use different sites to play different lotteries.

Playing national lotto has become easy, many more big lotteries are coming, just watch this space.

Lotto odds does not work on others….

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Not only once but four times, is this just lucky in her blood or this texas lottery play has all the tricks in the national lottery numbers? 

Let’s face it, some people are luckier than others. You’d like to believe otherwise, but sometimes you have to look at what’s in front of you and just admit it. Should you need further proof, I present to you Joan Ginther.

As the Corpus Christi Caller  reported, Ginther recently took home a cool $10 million in the Texas Lottery’s $140 million Extreme Payout, off of a scratch-off ticket. That would be lucky in and of itself, but Ginther seems to operate under different rules when it comes to lottery luck. This was her fourth lottery win, and each one has been for $2 million or more.

Back in 1993, she took home a $5.4 million share of the Lotto Texas jackpot of $11 million, and chose payments of 270 grand (excluding taxes) each year for nearly two decades. Somehow, she didn’t win her next lottery until 2006, winning $2 million in the Holiday Millionaire game, a scratch-off game, and opted for a lump sum of $1.5 million. Then, in 2008, she struck gold again, winning $3 million in Millions and Millions, another scratch-off, and did so at Times Market in Bishop, Texas, the same exact store where she got her fourth lottery win.

And her luck doesn’t end there. Ginther doesn’t even live in Texas. As the Caller reported, her second win came while she was visiting to take care of her father, meaning it’s probably safe to assume that her last three wins came while a resident of yes, you guessed it, Las Vegas, where she currently lives.

You can also be a mega millionaire, the South African national lottery Powerball game has rolled over fourteen times, this coming friday the jackpot is estimated at R65 Million, you can play online anywhere in the world.

The R91 Million winner comes forward….

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At least all the drama about a cleaner from the cape has won the biggest lotto jackpot ever is over. The new powerball lotto bigest winner has came forward. Its a mother of two living a middle class life tried her luck on thursday last week and bought a R70.00 powerball quick pick, to her suprise that a her first ticket in the richest lotto game has won her R91 Million. She choose to remain anonymous.

The much publicized purported winner referred to as Mr Stanley Philander has not come and presented himself as a winner, neither has his wife, Diana. The information we obtained this morning is that the coupon supposed to be the Philanders’ winning ticket was actually bought on Saturday, 13 February 2010, the day following the PowerBall draw on the 12th. The numbers thereon are similar to those drawn the night before. In that case it would be valid for tonight’s PowerBall draw and can only be presented for validation thereafter

Powerball lotto is a double matrix game, where players chose five numbers on the first board and one number called powerball on the second board, introduced on the 16th of October 2009 and has created six instant millionaires to date.

Biggest Powerball winner a real needy…

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New SA Biggest powerball winnerCape Town – Stanley Philander, 52, a deaf and mute cleaner at a hardware shop in Wynberg, (see a family picture aside) on Friday night, cleaned up instead the lottery jackpot, won over R91m in the South African national lottery’s PowerBall game. This is the largest amount which has been paid out by the SA national lotto so far.

The jackpot had rolled over since 22 November last year for 22 times, and with each passing week grabbed the country’s imagination. Philander’s wife, Diana, 50, is also deaf and mute. They live with their children, Logan, 9, and Kirsten, 6, in a wooden house in a family member’s back yard, apparently somewhere in the Southern suburbs.

Great challenges, stress, lack of safety and pressure from family and the community is what awaits Cape Town’s new instant millionaire. These are the typical things a needy person will experience when he suddenly becomes a millionaire, according to several Cape Town psychologists speaking to Die Burger.

Apparently, before they even claim their millions, they have been approached for money by several people in the community, they’re now staying at an undisclosed location. Several residents of Wynberg, when asked, recognised the man as the deaf man who’d won the “lotto”.

“Now they can fulfil their dreams and improve their standard of living. On the other hand, they can experience a lot of pressure from the community and family. That can become very stressful.”

Dr Ester Niemand, a clinical psychologist, said the family probably feel extremely overwhelmed, helpless and a little lost since they became aware of their new status. It’s possible that they could feel very defenceless because they don’t have control over the situation.

According to Niemand, it wasn’t a wise decision go public with the winner’s identity.
Read more here.
Play powerball online here.

SA PowerBall proves the uncatchable odds…

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For the first time in South African national lottery history to see the estimated jackpot sky rocketing to above R45 million. The highest ever lotto jackpot offered it was in February 15, 2003 when the jackpot was R44 700 128.00. When the South African powerball lotto was introduced last year October, we assured you of the highest and sequential jackpot rollovers in the national lottery arena. This Tuesday-26 January 2010, the jackpot is estimated at R50 Million, the biggest jackpot ever in the history of South african national lottery. There has not been a winner since December 2009, meaning the powerball lotto has rolled over for more than 18 times.

With the rule of thumb, no winner, roll-over, we can not rule out the possibility of more rollovers, and to be part of this jackpot, one needs to buy a ticket, it can be yours go for it. Remember the odds of getting it right is 24,435,180 in every ticket you buy, but the truth is “It takes only one ticket” to get it right.

South African lottery jackpots hits R29 Million…

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The South African national lottery is experiencing a sequential rollovers since last year Christmas eve on its major games lotto, lotto plus, powerball and sportstake. Since the adjustment of the rollover rule last year, to suite the international rules, that the jackpot has to be won otherwise will keep on rolling over, we have seen rollovers going beyond five times in this game of chances.

Powerball lotto and lotto 49/6 has for the first time rolled over more than six times, lotto rolled over for the seventh times on Wednesday the 6th of January 2010 and the newly introduced PowerBall, which was introduced on the 16th of October last year rolled over for the 12th times on the 7th of January 2010.

The estimated jackpots for Powerball lotto and lotto 49/6 are both at R29 million. With the January cash crazy hunting, the punters are out there to break the cash barriers by trying to win a life time fortune on either one of the big jackpot draws.

If we look at these games, lotto, lotto plus, powerball and sportstake the first three has got relatively high probability than the latter, Lotto and lotto plus’s +13,9 million chances makes it no easy for anyone to strike it rich not mentioning the +24,4 million on powerball. The most easy one but relatively low paying is the Sportstake which has a probability of 531 441.

By winning both jackpots of South African powerball and lotto 49/6 one will pocket R58 million and would have beaten multi odds associated with both games. In South Africa, last year when the Powerball lotto was introduced by the operators, Gidani, the first inauguration jackpot of R30 million was won by a Limpopo man who had won the lotto jackpot seven years ago. With such luck, anything is possible this weekend. The South African national powerball lotto lotto has produced four millionaires since it started last year in October, with over two million other winners on different divisions. The lotto 49/6 has produced over 935 millionaires with the biggest being a single R40 million jackpot winner and over 309 million other winners from different division since its inception ten years ago.

While we can’t rule out the possibility of another rollover on both games, these jackpots has already made a lot of punters dream big. The online tickets offers of lotto, lotto plus, powerball and sportstake already has started adjusting their closing times to accommodate high order volumes. With the long queues on the lottery outlets, many players opt for convenience by utilising the availability of modern technology and buy their lotto, lotto plus, powerball and sportstake tickets online. This is even more secure than manually bought tickets since online agents try by all possible means to protect their integrity to their loyal customers, get all the purchased tickets in a secure place till the results are published, and very little chances of losing the tickets.

The waiting to others is still a long way and it’s anyone’s luck to get the right ticket, and this might be you.

No Powerball lotto on Christmas…

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Powerball was introduced by South African national lotto two manths ago. It has produced four millionaires so far, with first jackpot of R30 million won by a man in Polokwane, and about 1.4 million winners. Tonight the jackpot is estimated at R21 million, and the next draw will be next week Tuesday since it only takes place twice a week on Tuesday and friday.

The Christmas draw has been scrapped from the list, but the normal lotto and lotto plus will be there on the 26th, and the new year powerball draw will go ahead.

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