National lotteries are there geniune? Numbers are they not manipulated before the draws?

I spent almost five years with this belief, lotto is just robbery. I never believed its real that people can win lotto until I got involved. The best way to aproach this is to ask you: What is the probability of  one lotto ticket winning? Did you know that there are 13 983 816 combinations of tickets if you are playing 6/49 lotto (South african lotto applies)? Which means you need to buy 13 983 816 tickets to rest assured that you win the jackpot wether dark or blue. How much will it cost you to buy those lotto tickets? Learn more on the chances of winning here.

  I can give you my vote, lotto is true and really, people win and lotto numbers are not manipulated before any lotto draw, its all about luck combination from the 13 983 816.

 There are top ten LOTTO MYTHS and beliefs viz:

Myth #1: Odds of being struck by lightning are better than the odds of winning a lottery.

Myth #2: Lotto is a form of taxation.

Myth #3: Lotteries prey on the poor by target marketing to those who can least afford to play.

Myth #4: Lottery purchases are made mostly by low-income people.(Lotto players are the poor)

Myth #5: That billboard thing in Illinois.

Myth #6: You get nothing for your lottery purchase if you don’t win a prize.

Myth #7: Lottery is responsible for the growing number of compulsive gamblers in the United States.

Myth #8: Because state governments benefit from lottery proceeds, they can’t be trusted to regulate their lotto industry.

Myth #9: There is no assurance that lottery drawings are conducted fairly.

Myth #10: Since there are relatively few payouts compared to the number lottery tickets sold, few people (only holders of winning tickets) actually benefit from lottery.

Generally we can not prove beyond reasonable doubts on all the above myths, but we can refer you to the aspects proven research, to learn more click here…..

Lotto is just a game of chances, you can take your chance and play now online, tomorrow you may wake up a millionaire…