For one to be able to play South African national lotto online, (LOTTO, LOTTO PLUS, POWERBALL and SPORTSTAKE) needs to be registered, here is your chance to safely buy your lotto tickets online and hassle free.  REGISTER FOR FREE NOW if already a registered member play here.

How it Works

You want to buy lotto tickets and dont have time to queue on the lotto outlets or you want to do it privately? Then you are at the right place, we are here to do this for you:

We collect your lotto tickets or chosen numbers online, or you can play via sms.

On receipt of your lotto numbers or order (lotto, lotto plus, sportstake and or powerball) we notify you via email that we have received your order.

You can play as many lotto tickets as long as you can afford them without filling up any lotto coupons and knowing that there no mistakes or duplicates on numbers.

Use our lotto tools to maximise your winnings.

On receipt of the lotto winnings, the results, we update them and notify you either via email or sms.

In case I win, how do I get my money? Relax, on winnings, in case you strike it right, we notify you of your winnings, you don’t have to check your tickets, we will do it for you (though we advise you to also check for transparency sack),  so well!!  We cash it for you and deposit your funds into your account or pay it direct to you.

Again, to play the South african national lotto online or via sms with us it’s a pleasure because you can even play at least four consecutive draws.

Technically, our wizards will:        

  • Allow you to pick your lotto, lotto plus and powerball numbers,
  • Randomly generate numbers for you from all the set of numbers,
  • Select from a set of numbers given the mathematical probabilities of  previous success. 

Confidentiality as to your personal information is guaranteed, no subscriptions and lowest prices all the times is guaranteed. With the introduction of the new powerball lotto, which is set to be the richest african lotto, to play powerball online with us its a pleasure and simply.