A Breakdown Of Lotto Results For The Last Six Months

The South African national lottery started in the year 2000 and was an immediate success. All South Africans of different races, background and lifestyle are given an equal opportunity to become South Africa’s next millionaire.

Is there a fixed pattern or a way to predict the next lotto numbers or are they really just chosen at random?  By looking at the last 6 months of lottery numbers we might get a clearer picture.
In the last 22 South African lotto draws, from 22nd October 2011 to the 22nd April 2012, the 5 most drawn numbers are number 6, 29, 39, 33 and 44. This is the general train of thought for people who believe that the lotto uses a random number generator. These people genuinely believe that that is a pattern to determine to winning numbers and they use any one of a number of various calculations to determine the numbers they will play for each lotto draw.

This does not mean we cannot look at those unlucky numbers and see if we can see which ones to avoid. The winner of the unluckiest number over the last 6 months go to number 9 as it was not drawn even once, but more shockingly is that there are a total of 8 numbers only drawn once over 22 draws.

This means that the remaining 15 numbers are all drawn at an average interval and gives enough evidence to show that the lotto draw is not pre-determined and is purely the luck of the draw.

The big question now is that, did we go back far enough to unlock a possible pattern?? According to further research going back a year the numbers looked the same, 3 or 4 numbers have big draws while the rest are all just averagely drawn.

While I cannot help in predicting the next numbers it might be interesting to note that the numbers 1 and 5 are overall the weakest numbers in the last 2 and a half years of the lottery draw.