Different Ways To Get Lotto Results

The only way to make certain that you have won any lotto prize is to check the lotto results, without checking them you could be walking around with millions in your wallet without realizing it. Checking every lotto draw result is very important for all ticket holders; this is your only chance to winning the lotto. Buying a lotto ticket is just securing your dream and if you buy the ticket without checking results will mean you have wasted your money buying the ticket.

The national lottery always advises lottery players to keep their ticket secure and check every draw date results. They have data proving that someone out there has become the next millionaire but no one has come to claim their prize. The winning lottery ticket expires after 12months and if you don’t claim it before then, they will use the money for initiatives that help charities. The highest recorded unclaimed lotto ticket was for R30 million and 12 months later they donated the money to charity.

Just imagine losing your chance to change your whole life for something that could have taken you less than five minutes. The national lottery has offered players many ways to check their results and make sure that they don’t lose their chance to live large. They have to make sure that every player has access to all the results.

The first option is to watch the live lotto draw every draw day and they keep rotating the results for over four hours after each draw. If you miss the results, you can get them from Sunday newspapers for weekend draws and daily newspapers for draws during the week. You can also subscribe to get results sent to you by SMS or email for you not to miss any results. By using the internet you will get results from their website and even previous draw results. Or you could get the directly printed for you at retail outlets that sell lotto tickets. It is your own responsibility to look for results or you may never know that you made the rich list.