Exciting Lotto News

Since in launch in 2000 in South Africa the lotto has made approximately 1066 millionaires and approximately 355,365,096 people have claimed some of the winnings from the lotto, that is quite an astounding result considering the lotto has only being running for approximately 12 years in south Africa. That means that there are approximately 89 millionaires made via the lotto every year since it was launched and approximately 29,613,758 winners a year excluding the jackpot winners.
Now if you take that total and compare it to the amount of people that play the lotto each year the result will be astounding, the amount of money made for one weeks ticket sales can be up to 15 million Rands worth, now if you take that total and times it by the number of weeks in a year and then times it by 12 years your approximate total will be about R9,360,000,000 that has been the approximate amount of sales made over the last twelve years from the lotto tickets and comparing that to the total number of winners it is actually not a bad result bearing in mind that the average person can spend up to R500 on lotto tickets alone over a period of a month.

The results may vary from time to time but it is clear that when it comes to the lotto it may be one of the biggest gambling problems across South Africa and the globe. People tend to moan about how people that smoke are throwing money  into the water ok granted they are also jeopardizing their health by smoking but seeing how many millions or rather billions are spent on putting your money on something that may never happen they do not really have a leg to stand on do they?
No matter what the lotto result may be week after week people will still go back to put more and more money into their hopes and dreams. It is rather funny how the human mind thinks, we will do anything for that extra cash to live the lives we all deem to be the perfect life when in actual fact billionaires are also only human and have their fair share of trials and tribulations.