Making Sense Of The Results Of The Lottery

Some people believe that there is no way that the government would unleash the national lottery on the public if the government could have some kind of control over how it works. You can’t blame them there; the South African government has not been exactly been on the giving end in its relationship with the public. In reality, however, the government has done exactly that; unleashed a chance at millions that they can not control or manipulate.

The national Lotto draw is powered by random number generators. This is the same betting system employed by slot machines in local and international gambling havens like Las Vegas and Sun City in Rustenburg. Random number generators leave people with no way of knowing when the next jackpot will be and what the winning combination will be. That is the winning Lotto numbers are always different. There is no particular winning set of numbers that people must aspire to.

To make the system even more foul-proof, the national Lotto draw is never done by one machine all the time. At the time of the draw an independent auditor will help select the machine that will be used. Random numbers are selected and only after the draw can the national lottery actually say how many winners there were and how the dividends are.

There are also people who misguidedly believe that in past winning lottery numbers, lies a code to be unlocked by vigours calculations and intelligence. They believe in that in these series of numbers lies the winning formula that they are very close to cracking. In fact, the more they bet, the closer they get to cracking the code or so they believe. Such players keep thick books and files of the winning numbers since they started playing Lotto religiously. In these pages one will also find markings, calculations and intricate formulas to support the player’s insistence that there is indeed a pettern to be found somewhere in the numbers. The random number genarator completely crushes this theory but still, believers are unmoved.