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The South African national lottery is played by thousands of South Africans ever week, authorized by the lotteries act in 1997 it is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the country. Over 800 000 tickets were sold the first day the lotto was available raking in a massive seventy million rand in the first three weeks on ticket sales.

How to play
One row in a lottery card costs R5.00 fill in your empty lotto card by choosing six numbers between 1 and 49 in each row depending on how much money you wish to spend you may also for a additional R1.50 per row tic the lotto plus block located in the bottom right corner, there is also the quick pick option where a machine picks your lottery numbers for you this can be done at any lottery counter available at your local post office and most super markets the lottery draw takes place every Wednesday and Friday night where 6 lucky lottery balls including a additional bonus ball each with a number on it are randomly drawn by a machine, in order for you to win some money you must be in possession of a valid lottery ticket for the specific date of that lottery draw and match the numbers on your lottery ticket to the numbers drawn by the machine there are other number combination that can also result in you winning a certain amount of money the amount various and depends on the number of winners in that specific division, the number combinations are as follows:
• Three correct numbers.
• Three correct numbers plus the bonus ball.
• Four correct numbers.
• Four correct numbers plus the bonus ball.
• Five correct numbers.
• Five correct numbers plus the bonus ball.
• Six correct numbers.

Matching three numbers on your lotto card to the numbers drawn means the payout will be small, as you match more and more numbers the payout becomes larger, until of course you match 6 correct numbers excluding the bonus ball this means you’ve won the lottery, keep in mind though however unlikely it is more than one person may win the lottery at the same time