The Day Of Lotto Results

The day of lotto results is a day where every lotto player and followers get glued to the varies media that broadcast the lotto results, waiting for result is waiting for a verdict as to who won and with how many numbers and how much it is, those who almost got the numbers they felt the possibility of wining they will make it a point that they play the second time around, the missing of live broad casting of the lottery result  is not a big issue, thanks to the other best available way like surfing the internet ,getting the results as they are .

The is a certain period whereby the money of a winner can be claimed and only the person will get the winning ticket and identity  document will claim the money .following days of broadcasting of such information will prevent an unclaimed prize. the lottery result does not  take place every day ,in that matter a one day missed can mean a money lost, losing the ticket still will prevent a person to get access to the money that they won.
The lottery result of the past draw are not erased a person can access them and check if there was a winner and there wasn’t how much will be won in the next draw. The lottery results are not for winner and players only, can be checked by those who want a proof that the people do win such money, because some people believe by evidence. A person can take some free time and analyse all the tickets to see if there is money in any of them and If the number were the selected as winning numbers

Money unclaimed and winning numbers unrealised is the possible retirement lost and an opportunity to make something big with unclaimed money, by not regularly checking the  lotto results to see the winning numbers is throwing away of gold but is  what they dream they can have . Laziness to keep track of the lotto results can be a big mistake and a life time a life time mistake