The Dreams Of Lottery

Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to the Bahamas on a private yacht, soaking up the sun, sipping on a cocktail and not having a financial worry in the world? Most South Africans have the same dream while others just dream of getting out of the debt and others of sending their children to university so that they might have the future that their parents never did.

For many South Africans the lottery is the only hope that they have of getting nearer to these dreams then there are others that enjoy these dreams without having to bank on those six lucky lotto numbers.

Life is unfair! this is something one hears on a daily basis, how come some people just have all the luck and money in the world while others are just barely getting by each month with their measly salaries? This is a question that has never been answered and probably will never be answered to each individuals liking. The lottery gives many a reason to dream and we don’t have dreams then w e would not be very happy people. Dreams are what keep many people pushing through life and working their hearts out to achieve these dreams and for some sitting in front of the television watching the live lotto draw is enough dreaming for them.

For most parents giving their child the extra bit of motivation that they never had is what gives them hope for a better future. The lottery is just one of the ways these parents are trying to make sure that their child has the best chances possible in life. If they were to win the lottery or even just a good sum of money to put towards their child’s tertiary education this would make them happy to know that their children would have the opportunities that they never had.We all have a dream for a better future and a better life this is what keeps us moving forward and the lottery gives us that chance to dream about what could be. Tata ma chance, Tata ma millions!