The Lotto Fund For Charities

The national lottery has been the major contributor to charities across the country for many years. It has helped charities that aid various groups of underprivileged in different communities and they aim to contribute even more. Giving back to the community is one of the objectives of the national lottery.

The national lottery play an immeasurably important role to in helping those in need. Their contributions to schools usually include sport gear, team kits, first -aid kits and even sponsored workshops. The national lottery also lends a helping hand to organisations that care for the terminally ill such as homes for children living with cancer and HIV/AIDS. Ordinary South African people who do not have the time to volunteer with certain non-profit organisations or make a meaningful contribution to charity play the lottery mainly so that some of their money will go towards a good course. The national lottery spends millions every year giving proceeds to charitable organisations that need a helping hand in tough financial struggles. Charities cannot do it all on their own. They need a lot of help from initiatives such as the lottery in order to help the less fortunate.

From each ticket sale, there is an amount deducted and transferred to the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund. All the proceeds from this fund are donated to organisations that need them.  There are different charities and organisations that benefit from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund and these include charities for disabled children, homeless people, orphans and other organisations whose aims is to help where they can.

All funds donated to charity from the national lottery are noted for independent auditing reasons. The national lottery receives and pays out a lot money. It then becomes necessary to ensure that all transactions are transparent, ethical and noted accordingly in the accounting books of the national lottery. The national lottery will continue to help all organizations that they can afford to help and provide the necessary assistance to charitable initiatives while making people dream’s of striking it rich a reality.