The Lotto Lottery System

The lotto lottery system was first introduced as just a lottery system in 2000 but soon after in 2003 the lotto lottery bacame the lotto and lotto plus and a while after the powerball was introduced. The lotto lottery system consists of numbers from one to forty nine and when the lotto is done on a weekly basis usually on a saturday and wednesday, six numbers are chosen including the bonus ball.

The number balls are placed in rows that are released once a qualified charter accountant is present and presses a button to release them. They are then mixed together by a blower system and five numbers are first selected and lastly the bonus ball is selected. The selection of the balls are approximately two or three seconds apart.

Once the lotto draw is done then the lotto plus is done, which is on a wednesday and saturday. The powerball lotto lottery is usually done on a wednesday night after the lotto and lotto plus.

The lotto lottery has become increasingly popular over the years and is surveyed to mostly be played by the unemployed or people earning low salaries of about R2000 per month. The lotto lottery when first available sold over 800 000 lottery tickets within the first day and over the years the amount has increased.

Whether you play one line of six numbers or upto nine lines it still comes down to luck for winning the jackpot. There have been a few that have won the jackpot but it is usually a roll over after many of the draws. Winning big amounts however is common. Which is usually so close to the jackpot it is scary. The more lines and combinations you play the bigger your chances will be at winning.

The lotto lottery is an addictive game for many because people in financial situations dream of winning the big amounts and mostly of winning the jackpot. It all comes down to chance and there is no way to jippo or cheat in the national lottery. Some may even see which numbers appear more often and select their numbers on those statistics.