Ways To Check The National Lottery Results

Once in a while on the radio and television, one will hear a report about huge amounts of unclaimed lotto winnings. These amounts always work out to an impressive number of millions of  rands. Right below the article about yet another of the president’s upcomming weddings, will be another much shorter and less colourful article about the figure for unclaimed Lotto millions. There are many amongst us who sit back to think what could have happened to the ticket from five weeks ago at the garage. Well, here are ways to make sure none of us are ever in that situation again.

• The live Lotto draw is held at 9.30 pm every Wednesday and Saturday. It is broadcast live on television and radio. Usually they will break transmission for the quick draw, otherwise, the results will be broadcast after any important events.
• The day after a Lotto draw, many local newspapers will show the numbers prominently on the first page. Other newspapers have a whole page dedicated to the national lottery and such pages are full of interesting Lotto trivia. They even have celebrity predictions which many Lotto enthusiasts take to heart. Some of them will show previous winning number combinations for players who believe in Lotto strategies.
• Lotto stations or kiosks are able to give players a print-out of the results soon after the draw and players can check the numbers conveniently and privately in their own homes.
• The national lottery website, along with many others, will also show the winning numbers across the different divisions after the live draw is concluded. This is a cheap way to get the results.
• The most expensive way to get Lotto results is to subscribe to a text notification service that will send you a message after every draw. These kinds of services are rather expensive considering there are other free and convenient ways to get the results. Also, such a service would not be worthwhile to someone who seldom plays the lottery.