Your Wining National Lottery Numbers

Claiming your lottery winnings is very easy, you have to make sure that the draw date and the date on your ticket match. You are advised to sign your winning ticket before you could consider calming it, if you lose or misplace your ticket without signing it you may lose out on a lot of money. Any person who finds a ticket that is not signed can claim it as their own. Signing your full name and ID number is the best proof that the ticket belongs to you. But, all this is no help to people that do not check to see if they have won.

Winnings below R2 000 may be collected after the draw at all shops, filling stations, supermarkets or any place that sells lotto tickets. These establishments can afford to pay you the smaller winning amount. This means that any amount not exceeding R2 000 can be collected the day following the draw.

Winning amounts between R2 000 and R50 000 can be collected at any post office, or you could go to the lotto offices to collect your cheque. You will need to come with your identity document or passport to verify that you are the true owner of the ticket.  The back of the ticket must also be signed accordingly. They will go through all the necessary verification procedures. Once they have checked that all things are in order, you will be paid all your money by cheque at lottery offices and cash at post offices.

If you want to claim winnings over R50 000, you must go to the lotto offices to claim your prize. They will guide you to all the steps and how they will pay you your money.  If you play the lotto and you are under 18 years and you sign your ticket, you will not be able to claim your winnings, even if you are the winner of the jackpot price. Only people over 18 may claim lotto winnings. You just need to keep your ticket safe, sign it at the back and bring your identity documents to claim your money.