Frequent Questions

The Free Online Lotto is pretty self explanatory. Six daily free draw games with amazing prizes! Online Lotto is a jackpots only game, which means that you will have to match all 6 draw numbers to be eligible to claim a prize.

Yes indeed! Prizes are funded by advertising and other features on the website, so no entry fee is required from players. Our prizes are sponsored by our generous advertising partners with an underwritten Jackpot.

Provided you are over the age of 18 (because most of our advertisers are licensed lotto providers), have valid contact details and agree to our terms and conditions you are eligible to play.

All you have to do is sign up, verify your account, and accept the terms and conditions. Select your lucky numbers and checkout your free online lotto ticket. After the daily draw at 20:30 every day check the results page to see if you matched all six numbers in one of the games.

The daily draws are held at 20.30 SAST every day, Simply log in, select your numbers, and enter before 19.30 SAST.

The next draw opens again at 21:30 SAST. 

All draws use a specialized unique random number generator to determine the winning numbers.

Daily draws require players to match all six numbers to win a game.

  • Game 1 R10 000
  • Game 2 R30 000
  • Game 3 R50 000
  • Game 4 R100 000
  • Game 5 R1000 000

The odds on the the first three games is less than most national lottery draws.

The final game 5 for R1M is similar odds to the popular US Powerball and MegaMillions draws. 

Log in to your Online Lotto account and compare your chosen numbers with the numbers drawn on the results page to see if you won. You will need to have 5 matching draw numbers and 1 matching bonus ball number that correspond to the draw date. Before you can begin the claim process ensure that all 6 numbers match as above.